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Day 1 Tip of the Day: Understand the Process.

Yesterday on Twitter we started a series for February called “Tip of the Day”, which is a daily tip for anyone working in, or interested in #GovernmentRelations, #PublicAffairs, or #PublicPolicy. Below is a link to the tweet and we are adding an expanded description here on LinkedIn. We hope you enjoy the series, and as always, please feel free to contact us.

Day 1 Tip of the Day: Understand the Process.

Familiarize yourself with the legislative process to effectively influence policy outcomes.

Understanding the Legislative Process: A Deep Dive for Government Relations Professionals

To excel in government relations, one must comprehensively understand the legislative process. This knowledge is not just about the basics of how a bill becomes law; it involves a nuanced grasp of the procedural intricacies, timing, and strategic entry points for influence. Here are some key components and tips for mastering this aspect:

1. Learn the Stages
Familiarize yourself with each stage of the legislative process, from drafting and introduction to committee review, floor debate, voting, and the governor’s or president’s final approval or veto. Recognize that at each stage, there are opportunities to influence outcomes.

2. Know the Committees
Committees are where much of the legislative work happens. Identify which committees are most relevant to your interests and understand their members, staff, priorities, and processes.

3. Understand the Calendar
Legislative bodies operate according to a set schedule; some states are only in session for a few weeks each year, others for several months. Knowing this calendar helps in planning when to initiate action, whether it’s introducing legislation, lobbying for or against a bill, or rallying public support.

4. Recognize the Role of Staff
Legislative staff play a crucial role in shaping policy and advising lawmakers. Building relationships with them can be as important as connecting with the legislators.

5. Monitor Amendments and Substitutes
Legislation often undergoes significant changes during the process. Stay vigilant about amendments or substitute bills that can alter a bill’s intent or impact.

6. Utilize Legislative Alerts and Tracking Services
Leverage technology to keep track of legislation and regulatory changes. Many services offer real-time alerts on legislative activity, which can be critical for timely action.

7. Engage in the Rulemaking Process
Beyond legislation, understand the rulemaking process by which laws are implemented and enforced. This often involves public comment periods, offering another avenue for influence.

8. Practice Scenario Planning
Anticipate various outcomes and plan your strategy accordingly. Preparing for different scenarios enables you to respond more effectively as the legislative process unfolds.

9. Educate and Advocate
Use your understanding of the process not only to advocate for your interests but also to educate others within your organization or coalition. Knowledge empowerment can amplify your collective advocacy efforts.

10. Stay Ethical and Compliant
Always adhere to ethical guidelines and compliance requirements throughout the legislative process. Your credibility and effectiveness depend on maintaining high standards of integrity.

By mastering the legislative process, government relations professionals can strategically navigate the complexities of policymaking. This deep understanding enables proactive planning, timely engagement, and effective advocacy that can significantly impact legislative outcomes.


Florida regulators haven’t OK’d Circle K-Green Thumb medical cannabis deal

We have not posted much on our blog the past few months, but we are back!

The following on was posted by us on our LinkedIn page and thought it would be worth sharing on our blog.

So, this happened: Florida regulators haven’t OK’d Circle K-Green Thumb medical cannabis deal.

For all who thought that this was a done deal and a great idea, many states, especially Florida, will probably never allow this.

This is a major communications fail for Circle K and Green Thumb Industries (GTI), unless you subscribe to the P.T. Barnum school of public relations: “good news, bad news, I don’t care what you write about me, just spell my name right.” It certainly gave the players a lot of media exposure and increased their name recognition, but at what cost (if any)? Will executives be fired, from the one that pitched the idea, to the one that wrote the press release, to the one that approved it? Probably not.

But there are lessons to be learned here: 1) the importance of staying on message; 2) the importance of a #communications plan that makes sense and provides accurate information to the #media and the public; 3) a good #publicrelations strategy and team; and 4) the importance of a good government relations program because both GTI and Circle K will be scrutinized in Florida and other states.

You can read the article here: https://cndt.in/AN.