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The book 36 Strategies of the Martial Arts by Horoshi Moriya advises us to consider “the world as a dynamic field of energy, constantly moving and flowing, in which conditions may call for one strategy now, and another depending upon the changes in the physical and psychological environment.  Indeed, an intended strategy may evoke changes itself, and a different strategy may be required as circumstances evolve.  Professor Moriya emphasizes time and again that one must avoid rigidity at all costs and be totally aware of the grid of activity and its psychological effects on both one’s enemy and oneself.  If one cannot meet these requirements, one should leave strategies alone.”

Providing information and making your case to key decision makers and influencers in Congress, the Administration and in state capitols is a daunting and extensive task.  Conduit’s broad network of individuals, organizations, and resources to connect to the right decision makers sets us apart.  We do not waste time figuring out who to call, we already know, saving our clients time and money.
Conduit knows that not everybody that needs an advocate can afford the “normal” fees that most firms charge.  Conduit provides a “standard options package” of services including weekly reports on trends, updates on legislation, and updates on activities affecting your concerns and opportunities. This allows Conduit’s principals to focus on the more unique, direct services in each option. Our pricing starts at a reasonable fee of $7,500 per month.
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