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Federal government announces new push to take less water from shrinking Colorado River

The federal government is looking to take a real leadership role in addressing the #Colorado River crisis, and #California will finally have to make some very difficult decisions. Southern California relies on two over-stressed systems for its domestic and ag water: the Colorado River and the State Water Project. The Colorado River has been in #drought for 20-plus years, and the State Water Project has been delivering 5-15% of allocations. Hopefully the feds get a handle on this situation soon, rather than later.

Here is a great article by the LA Times on a new push to take less water from the Colorado River.


Rural areas to get $759M in grants for high-speed internet

High-speed Internet access is taken for granted by many of us. It is great news that the USDA announced yesterday (October 27, 2022) that it is making significant investments in the form of grants and loans available to rural communities. This is big for anyone in agriculture in that it allows farmers access to real-time data, news, online banking, and so much more. Additionally, their children, as well as the children of farmworkers, will have access to Internet at schools and home.

You can read an article from Capital Press (Raleigh, NC) here that outlines some of the investments in broadband.





Florida regulators haven’t OK’d Circle K-Green Thumb medical cannabis deal

We have not posted much on our blog the past few months, but we are back!

The following on was posted by us on our LinkedIn page and thought it would be worth sharing on our blog.

So, this happened: Florida regulators haven’t OK’d Circle K-Green Thumb medical cannabis deal.

For all who thought that this was a done deal and a great idea, many states, especially Florida, will probably never allow this.

This is a major communications fail for Circle K and Green Thumb Industries (GTI), unless you subscribe to the P.T. Barnum school of public relations: “good news, bad news, I don’t care what you write about me, just spell my name right.” It certainly gave the players a lot of media exposure and increased their name recognition, but at what cost (if any)? Will executives be fired, from the one that pitched the idea, to the one that wrote the press release, to the one that approved it? Probably not.

But there are lessons to be learned here: 1) the importance of staying on message; 2) the importance of a #communications plan that makes sense and provides accurate information to the #media and the public; 3) a good #publicrelations strategy and team; and 4) the importance of a good government relations program because both GTI and Circle K will be scrutinized in Florida and other states.

You can read the article here: