The Farm Bill: Can it bring us together in 2023?


The Farm Bill: Can it bring us together in 2023?

The Farm Bill:  Can it bring us together in 2023?

Standing alone as one of the last remaining legacies of great legislation, setting agriculture and related activity for five years and affects every American, is the Farm Bill.  We hear the name, we know the players who engage in the legislative trading, and how it remains one of the last bipartisan activities that Congress comes together to pass.  But given our current political climate, can we keep it that way in 2023?

At Conduit Government Relations, we understand the Farm Bill represents a significant opportunity to reset our politics and the nation’s priorities.  We look forward to working with our rural and urban brothers and sisters to educate each other on our ways and norms, to show how we can, and do, invest in each other through the many Farm Bill programs.  As we at Conduit look forward to assisting on the 2023 Farm Bill, we are grateful for the opportunity to once again work on this legislation to make a difference for so many.

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